The home page picture was taken in Jasenovac in 2011. There can be seen a memorial site evoking the antifascist movement from the period of WW2 in Yugoslavia, which was lead by the communist party with Tito on its head. The memorial site has been located in the center of the village, near a kind of a central square with markets, a post office and a catholic church. It was supposed to refer to the founding myth of socialist Yugoslavia, i.e. to NOB, or the people’s liberation war against fascists. The present day state of the monument reveals the negligence of the local community towards meanings and identities evoked here. On the other hand, it hasn’t been destroyed, as many other monuments of this kind were in Croatia i the 1990s.

The picture can be seen as a metonymy of problems and ideas which have become object of our research. Scholars associated in the PROP focus on social and cultural change in the area of ex-Yugoslavia. How the same objects, or concepts, take other meaning? How actors on the present day political scene refer to the past, and which strategies they adopt to legitimate their actions and positions in the social field? These are some crucial questions we tend to treat in our common research.

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